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Cabana's are sold out for the month of July.  For August Orders, please call in your order.


I know many of you have questions regarding Sunset Beach Town Council's decision to ban commercial vendors from setting up and erecting canopy's.  However their approved Ordinance states 'Any persons using a cabana 'shall be responsible for' erecting and removing.  Basically vendors cannot set it up or take it down, but we do have a list of 'volunteers' that will be available to assist you every day and will take care of it should weather require it to be taken down.  In effect, their ban does nothing to disrupt your vacation so order away.  You just come to the beach and enjoy.  You do not do any labor.




7 Days: $250.00  

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These are true 10 x 10 canopy's. Some companies will give you a 8 x 8 and call it a 10 x 10. Please read the entire Terms and Conditions regarding winds and what to inspect with Weather and winds regarding canopy setups and tear downs. Please do NOT tie anything to the canopy. Items such as boogie boards, kites, etc. These tents already have enough stresses on the frame and during high winds small items add to the stress. If you tie a kite to the canopy just be forewarned that we will ask you to reel it back in if you or someone is present.  If no one is around the tent we will cut the line. Do NOT adjust the canopy in any fashion such as move it or raise the height. This is will void the remainder of your weeks service and there will be no refunds. DO NOT switch tags between tents. Several companies use the same manufacturer and moving tags is not only unfair to them but to us as well as our people will take down a competitors tent and theirs may be older than ours. We buy our inventory new every year unlike some. If you are caught switching tags, you will lose service the rest of the week and there will be no refunds. Cabana Conditions: WINDS SUSTAINED AT 15 to 16 MPH and above or GUSTING OF WINDS HIGHER THAN 15 MPH WILL RESULT IN THE CANOPY BEING TAKEN DOWN. INCLEMENT WEATHER WILL ALSO RESULT IN CANOPY'S TAKEN DOWN. Style or color of canopy may vary but all are the same 10X10 size Most storms and such generally just blow in and out quickly, however we do have to err on the side of safety and caution. The town of Sunset Beach has an ordinance that states canopies are to be taken down at 17 mph and we have to be PRO-ACTIVE when it comes to winds. Winds can change on a moments notice and we sometimes will take down what you may think may be too early but we live here and know that when winds gradually build throughout the morning and when we see them moving from 8 mph at 8 a.m. to 14 mph by noontime and the forecast is for them to be 16 plus mph by 1 p.m. then we will take down early. Canopy REFUNDS are as follows: YOU MUST HAVE THE WEATHER PROTECTION PLAN TO QUALIFY FOR REFUNDS. Service for Setup and Take Down is $90.00 (Product rental is $160/'wk) and ONLY the service days are refundable at the pro-rated rate of $15.00 There are no refunds on product rental. This is a 6 day service and begins the day after checkin Valued customers. Please understand that canopys are made for shade and not wind resistance. On the morning of setups we take wind readings on the beach and have the most accurate wind speeds. We ALWAYS RESERVE THE RIGHT TO DELAY SETUP based upon wind speed and wind speed forecast by the National Weather Service and other tools. If the winds are above 11 mph we do no set up canopy's. We do this because it's dangerous to our workers to attempt to set up canopy's with high winds blowing. Once the winds are at an acceptable level then we will set up canopy's. However, depending upon the time of the day, we reserve the right to not set up at all. Many factors go into making our decision, such as wind speeds, the amount of time necessary to setup and complete all the canopy setups as well as the time of day. The rental day is from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (although we are on the beach at 6 a.m. setting up), if we are unable to set canopys completely up by 1 p.m. you will be refunded if you chose the Weather Protection Plan. This is not a perfect world. This is our business. Our liability. Our equipment. We do realize our competitors have their own policies and while they may set up in high winds. We will ALWAYS err on the side of caution and safety first. Because our competitor's set up in high winds doesn't mean that we will. You, our guests, your safety will come first. We have seen canopys' collapse on folks sitting underneath them. So please understand, we will do all we can as quickly as possible, and when we set up, some will be first, some will be last, so patience is appreciated. We felt we needed to disclose more information to you, our customers because so many wonder why we don't set up, or wonder why we take down early, etc. This serves as an explanation as to why. Trust us, this is our job and our livelihood. If we don't set up, we have to refund you that day's service and we're in the business to make money, not return it, so we keep a constant vigil on the weather. You should appreciate this because if we don't and we lose many canopy's the day before during a storm, then you lose the chance on having any canopy the next day, and I'm sure you don't want that. We ask your understanding in what it is we do so that we may provide you with a pleasant experience in knowing beforehand what to expect. We know many of you won't be happy when we tear down early and we don't make apologies for things outside of our control. We encourage you to rent umbrellas if you feel that a canopy might not be in your best interest as umbrellas can take a bit more of a beating than a canopy can.